The mission of the Cognion Research Association, which has remained unchanged since its foundation in 2000, is to establish a European group of research institutes operating across borders.

Cognion lives an identity-creating common denominator of basic principles and values which, in conjunction with the range of services offered by its institutes, give it a distinctive character. At the heart of this is the goal of creating a research continuum, i.e. not only offering a platform within the group of institutes for the entire spectrum from basic and applied research to the practical pilot implementation of knowledge-intensive services, but also actively developing all these functions.

Each Cognion institute has (at least) one characteristic thematic profile and can be clearly identified as such. At the same time, all institutes maintain a high horizontal permeability in relation to their sister institutes, both for ideas and expertise and for the physical carriers of human and network capital. All in the spirit of the Cognion claim: „Be empowered!“

Cognion does not seek to maximize profits, but rather to maximize knowledge in conjunction with the requirement to preserve capital. Cognion therefore invests continuously in the accumulation of intellectual capital.

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